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January 28th
New job confessions

As of November gone I am in a 9-5 Mon-Fri job, totally different scene from working in family pubs!! I hated working in pubs, all the running around, not finishing until like 12 at night, having to put a fake smile on even if you’re upset or angry. Working with some pretty shitty people who think that they know everything when in fact my big toe knows more!!
I’m starting to feel a bit caged even though my job is basically do what you please, no uniform!!(Which I looove), just make your targets, keep the boss happy and don’t take the piss. I hate it and love it at the same time. Its confusing.

I work in a small FREEZING office with stupid automatic windows that when you hear them open you just cry inside and automatic lights that make you think that you’re a ghost.
Its just me and one other lady in this office, and every now and then our boss comes in. She is 41, married a few months ago with two kids (different dad), she use to teach spin class etc. Quite different from me!!! She is the type that always has to get one up on you. Her job role is the exact same as mine, only difference is hers has ‘senior’ in-front of it. Which in her eyes means she is boss and chats so much shit about life!!

Being in this job a mere three months I shouldn’t feel this way really. I also shouldn’t have so many confessions to make (Not to the boss!!)
-The day I was meant to start, but got too nervous too so I started a week later.. I faked food poisoning.
-I got my boyfriend to phone up while the boss was sitting next to me saying he was locked out in the wet weather with my baby niece, so I had to go home early. (Sort of my boyfriends idea)
-Countless last minute ‘sick’ days even though I was unwell, I could’ve gone in and managed. 
-I was the only one in the office as the other lady was off AGAIN (she always gets to work from home (‘cause her kids are always ill) and I went home an hour early.. Boss man then came in JUST as I had left.. I made up some lame excuse about my period being so bad I had to go get some tampons, and not being from the area I got lost several times, then it was 5 so I just went straight home after that. I said I did message him but it must’ve of sent and I didn’t check ‘cause my phone had died (Which it had died, so I didn’t see the text I got ‘Megan. I called into the office but everything was closed down??”
-I booked holiday to go to Newcastle, and instead of going back, I kept asking for more holiday.. My two days turned into seven days. I only get 22 days a year.
-This morning I emailed him saying my car has broke my boyfriend has been taking me all week (which he has, he just got a new car and really wants to drive as much as possible), and it’s going to the garage tomorrow but my boyfriend cannot take it as he has a job interview, so can I work from home. 

I haven’t a clue why I do all this.. BUT each month I have been well over my target so guess thats a small plus?
I will be starting to buckle down now. No leaving an hour early, 10 mins is acceptable (according to my ‘wanna be boss bitch’) And as I have had seven working days off, I am behind target and only have three days to get to it. I was three away when I went to Newcastle. I am now only one away. So I am confident I will meet my target again (probably won’t go over it though, to be fair, I’m not really trying, I am sitting on Tumblr)

To be fair, I’ve not been on here in like a year or so. So I am allowed, considering I am on my own today :)!

January 28th
January 28th
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